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Edsel, Murray, John
The Judge & Grandpa Rudy
Cousins (Billy, Kris, Kevin)
Murray, Eric, John & Pig
Eric & Edsel Opening Day 1971
Kevin, (John), and Billy
Murray & Bill
From the Gate!
Donnie, John, Bill

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Eric Jorgeson

What many don’t know, except those closest to him, is that there is a deliberately nasty side of Eric that surfaces when he pulls up a chair to the poker table. What appears to be a pleasant smile of ambivalence, is only a lure of deception to keep you off your guard. Eight guys sitting around the table in a game of Two-Low Guts, all check their hands to you, and you feel pretty good so you go in with your pair of Jacks. Everyone folds without hesitation until it gets to Eric; that’s when the performance begins. He begins hemming, hawing, jawing, questioning your integrity, all the time performing his verbal rectal exam on you as you sit there defenseless. Despite your honest endeavor to remind him you have never bought a hand, he throws in with his pair of tens as though he really had no other choice. He seldom says “thanks” afterwards, but just continues to prey mainly on Don or I throughout the night as we attempt to play legitimate hands. Heartless!

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